About Us


  Locally owned and operated by Dubby Carr, Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting has served outdoor enthusiasts with a large array of fishing & hunting equipment in Harrisonburg, VA since 2011. An avid outdoorsman himself, Dubby finds personal satisfaction in working with customers to ensure that their experience is hassle-free and welcoming. Dubby assures that the specific needs of each customer are met by determining the best fit in merchandise based on personal preference. 


  Based in Harrisonburg VA, Dubby's is the premier local destination for fishing & hunting equipment as well as personal defense items you may need. If you don't find what you need at Dubby’s we can custom order it for you. In addition to fishing, hunting and personal defense gear, Dubby’s holds monthly concealed handgun classes. For Dubby, nothing is more important than personal defense for you and the safety of your  family.   


  Whether you are fishing a tournament, hunting wild game, target shooting or taking a weekend family trip to the outdoors, Dubby’s carries or can order most major brands plus some great custom products that will meet your needs.