Predator Tournament

New Dates
November 2nd - 4th 2018
December 14th - 16th 2018
January 11th - 13th 2019
February 15th - 17th 2019



This year Dubby's is adding a Tournament the Series. There will be FOUR (4) Tournaments. At the end of the series a Champion Team will be announced based on Total Points for the series. Any team can hunt any tournament but to be eligible for the Championship award a team must hunt At Least THREE (3) of the events. The entry fee will be $150.00 per tournament. $100.00 will go to the payout of the current tournament. $10.00 will go to the Big Bobcat of the current tournament. $10.00 will go to Big Coyote of the current tournament. $10.00 will go to Big Red Fox of the current tournament. $10.00 will go to the Big Gray Fox. $10.00 will go to the Points Champion Team at the end of the Series.  
Please read the rules for additional tournament information.

For More Information Call 540-574-FISH
Or Stop By 100 Waterman Drive

Tournament Details



Friday  November 2nd 2018 Through Sunday  November 4th 2018
Friday  December 14th 2018 Through Sunday  December 16th 2018
Friday  January 11th 2019 Through Sunday January 13th 2019

Friday  February 15th 2019 Through Sunday  February 17th 2019



Hours to begin Tournament

Friday 3pm to 5pm

Check-in Hours to end Tournament

Sunday 1pm (Don’t Be Late)

Any Team Checking in after 1:00pm


(One Team Member must come to Friday Sign-in)
(All Team Members must come to Sunday Check-in)



Dubby's Fishing and Hunting

100 Waterman Drive

Harrisonburg Va. 22802


Hunting IN

Virginia And West Virginia  
(See Rules For Off Limits)



Register at Dubby’s. Stop by

100 Waterman Drive or Call for info

540-574-3473 1-855-574-3474

(Cash, Check)

Kill blocks are required on every Predator and will
be provided by Dubby's Fishing and Hunting.
See Rules on specs and placement.

Door Prize's / To Be Determined.



$150.00 Entry Fee – 2 to 3 Person teams. (Absolutely No Single’s Hunting)

> Main Tournament – Total combined Point’s

   of all your predators.

> Biggest Bobcat

> Biggest Coyote

> Biggest Red Fox

> Biggest Gray Fox


1 Place for Every 5 Teams.

 1st) $1315.00
 2nd)  $925.00

 3rd)   $640.00
 4th)   $450.00
 5th)   $350.00
 6th)   $285.00
 7th)   $245.00
 8th)   $215.00
9th)   $175.00
10th)  $145.00


Each team member must
fill out one of these and
print, sign and date below.

If you participated last year
and all your info is still the
same then this is not required.
We will use the one on file.


Be aware that Rules for this Tournament are for your protection but are not all the rules. Activities like this require additional common sense safety precautions. Please apply these as you are a part of this tournament or any activity in the outdoors. 

I, ____________________________________, have read the above and I  understand that I am the only person who can be held responsible for the safety of me and others around me as I operate my hunting equipment, automobile or anything I deem necessary to compete in this tournament . I hold harmless Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting, Dubby Carr and Cindy Carr, the owners, or any staff helping with the tournament.






Make as Many Copies of this Registration Form as You Need.
Fill it out and send to or bring to
Dubby's Fishing and Hunting
100 Waterman Drive
Harrisonburg VA 22802



For More Information Call 540-574-3474

_____11/02 - 04/2018
 _____12/14 - 16/2018
  _____01/11 - 13/2019
  _____02/15 - 17/2019

Team Member - 1

NAME:       _____________________________________________________________

PHONE:     _____________________________________________________________

EMAIL:      _____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

CITY:         _____________________________________________________________

STATE:       ____________________________ZIP_____________________________

Team Member - 2

NAME:       _____________________________________________________________

PHONE:     _____________________________________________________________

EMAIL:      _____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

CITY:         _____________________________________________________________

STATE:       _____________________________ZIP____________________________


Team Member - 3

NAME:       _____________________________________________________________

PHONE:     _____________________________________________________________

EMAIL:      _____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

CITY:         _____________________________________________________________

STATE:       ____________________________ZIP____________________________



For More Information Call 540-574-3474

Or Stop By 100 Waterman Drive


Dubby's Predator Tournament Rules

  1. Team cancellation request must be received 72 hours in advance of the start of the tournament for refund. Any team that pre-registers and does not show (ALL Team Members Must Hunt) is considered a forfeit. You may not switch teams after you have registered.
  2. Only 2 or 3 people on a team (no single man team allowed for safety reasons). You cannot have aid with transportation, driving , retrieving or transporting Predator’s. No pooling of kills between teams.
  3. Off Limits are any Commercial or Privately owned lands that you do not have written Permission to hunt on. Any Posted land that you do not have written Permission to hunt on. Any land restricted by State or Local Authorities.
  4. Legal Species by Virginia and West Virginia Regulations: Bobcat, Coyote, Red Fox, Grey Fox. No Trapping or Snaring. No Road Kill.
  5. Predators can be taken with any Firearm caliber Legal and capable of taking that Predator swiftly.
  6. Each Team Member must have a Valid Hunting license. You are responsible for following all laws and regulations.
  7. There is no Limit to how many Predator’s you bring in. Winner will be determined by the total points of tournament kill. Teams are responsible to have their kill ready to be checked in, Kill Block in place.
  8. You must use one vehicle while hunting the tournament and it must be the same vehicle.
  9. Kill Blocks will be provided by Dubby's Fishing and Hunting. Kill Blocks must be placed in the mouth of every Predator at the time of kill with team number, team member name and time of kill written on the block at the location of the kill. Please take pictures of each kill at the time of the kill.  (See attached for Kill Block Info.)
  10. Each team will be given two tokens with their team number on it. A team member must present one token to a staff member at Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting  for Check-in. Points cannot be counted without the token.
  11. No frozen Predators allowed.
  12. Teams must respect others in the field and out. No crowding and no harassing other teams.
  13. Absolutely no teaming up, no buddy system and no transferring or transporting of kill from one team to another.
  14. Disposal of your kill is your responsibility. Please do so respectably. If you do not want them let us know, someone else may want them. NO DUMPING OF YOUR KILL ALONG THE ROAD.
  15. Any participant involved in poor sportsmanship, heated arguments or similar behavior will have their team warned or disqualified at DFnH staff option. We will not allow any altercation, including inappropriate cursing of others before, during or after the tournament. All TEAMS involved will be warned or disqualified regardless of fault. You are guilty by involvement. Zero tolerance.
  16. Any physical altercations by participants will result in the team being disqualified and banned from any future DFnH Tournaments and will be asked to leave immediately.
  17. No alcohol or drugs permitted, during the hunt or at Check-in. If you are perceived under the influence you will not be allowed to enter or will be disqualified. Final determination of a disputed claim will be determined by local on-call law enforcement.
  18. No live decoys and /or dogs. (No running or tracking wounded with dogs.) No baiting.
  19. Mouth calls, hand calls and electronic calls can be used.
  20. Any Predator brought to Check-in after 1:00pm will not be counted.
  21. You have to locate and call your own coyotes. You cannot have a second team or individual out scouting for you.
  22. All entrants must be present and available for truth verification at Final check-in Sunday . If you are not willing to participate in truth verification please do not enter this tournament.
  23. All prize money will be awarded after official results have been determined and verified.
  24. The scoring system will be a points system from 1 to 4
  25. Bobcat = 4-Pt's / Coyote = 3-Pt’s / Red Fox = 2-Pt’s / Grey Fox = 1Pt. 
  26. (In case of a tie, the team with the largest total combined weight of animals wins)
  28. VDGIF is working with us and will notify us of any complaints and incidents. Any citation will be called in to DFnH staff and get you disqualified.
  29. DFnH has the right to change and enforce rules as deemed necessary and has the right to deny entry and/or disqualify any team at any time for any reason as they see fit to preserve safety and the integrity of our tournament.
  30. Failure to comply with tournament rules will result in disqualification and entry fee will be forfeited.
  31. The decision of tournament results will be final.
  32. Any accusation of a team cheating must be accompanied by a $100 protest fee and concrete evidence of such. Photos, videos, proof of citation etc. If tournament staff agrees with your protest, the protest fee will be refunded and the accused team will be disqualified.
  33. DFnH Tournament staff will have final decision on all protest claims and complaints.

Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting
100 Waterman Drive
Harrisonburg VA 22802

(Closed Sundays and Mondays)

A kill block is an object that is placed into the predator’s mouth upon death. Dubby's Fishing and Hunting will be providing kill blocks. Each kill block must contain the time of death, the team number and the team members name or initials. Kill blocks will be constructed from wood. The total length will be no shorter than 5.00 inches. Holes are placed at each end to secure the block into the mouth of a coyote or Fox with plastic zip tie or string. If a predator is turned in without a “kill block” in its mouth that predator is disqualified. The correct placement of the blocks should be inserted into the mouth with the team number, time of death and the shooters name written on the block. If there are any questions on “kill block” specs please feel free to contact Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting.

    Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting

    100 Waterman Drive

    Harrisonburg VA 22802

    (Closed Sundays and Mondays)

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